(WHOLESALE) Chambong 2-Pack

Product image 1(WHOLESALE) Chambong 2-Pack
Product image 2(WHOLESALE) Chambong 2-Pack
Product image 3Chambong 2-Pack
Product image 4(WHOLESALE) Chambong 2-Pack
Product image 5(WHOLESALE) Chambong 2-Pack
Product image 6(WHOLESALE) Chambong 2-Pack
Product image 7(WHOLESALE) Chambong 2-Pack

Regular price $ 24.50

$24.50 (Wholesale Price)


Exclusive to our wholesaler partners, a special priced 2-pack Chambong.
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Wholesale Details

  • Price: $24.50
  • MOQ: 20 units
  • MSRP: $35
  • Shipping Cost dependent on weight/quantity (allow 5-8 business days). 
  • For orders over 200 units please inquire via email.

Wholesale Rules:

  • Chambong products may not for any reason may NOT be sold through Amazon.com or Ebay.com

Product details

The latest edition of the Chambong is an evolution of near perfection. A luxurious foam molded box holds and presents the Chambongs in the classiest of ways. Each one is also etched with the always appealing Chambong logo. Made of dishwasher safe, borosilicate glass, and packaging with a protective custom cut foam mold. CHAMBONG!

Shipping Details

Depending or order quantity, product shipment may be broken up into multiple shipments with multiple unique tracking numbers. 


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