Bulk Chambong "Plastic"
Chambong "Plastic" - Bulk 50 piece case
Chambong "Plastic" - Bulk 50 piece case
Chambong "Plastic" - Bulk 50 piece case

Chambong "Plastic" - Bulk 50 piece case

Regular price $ 250.00

Chambong "Plastics" - THE BIG ASS PARTY CASE

Are you holding a big ass party or event?
Maybe you want to have the most ridiculously awesome wedding ritual ever?!!??!
If you answered "yes" to either of the questions above, then THIS is for you.

This is a discounted case of 50 of the acrylic Chambongs. 
Everyone at the party gets in on the fun, and you get a bulk amount of Chambongs at a great price.

  • 50 "Plastic" Acrylic Chambongs
  • Each unit has 6-ounce capacity
  • Made of shatterproof, recyclable acrylic plastic.
  • Bulk quantity great for parties, weddings, large events

Hand-wash only.
If dishwasher cleaned, only use top shelf and avoid high temperatures.

The Chambong is a device used for the rapid and enhanced consumption of sparkling wine and Champagne. Comes with five plastic Chambongs with 6-ounce capacity that makes for a fabulous gift to give, and great for pool parties and anywhere the classic glass Chambong isn't. Made of recyclable, acrylic plastic, that is sturdy yet shatterproof. This bulk 50-piece pack is discounted way to provide Chambongs for large group events such as weddings, birthdays, and other parties.